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                      1. 江苏省民营科?#35745;?#19994;

                        Service hotline:
                        Windows & Door
                        Ordinary Type
                        Broken bridge Insulation
                        Curtain Wall
                        Industry Profile
                        Domestic Alu
                        Aluminum & Wood
                        Diamond Mesh
                        Sun Room
                        Color Sample
                        Wood Grain Sample
                        NEWS PRODUCTS
                        SC198 Push-pull window
                        SC198 Push-pull wi…

                        GR58 Pour king kong network within Windows open
                        GR58 Pour king kon…

                        GR63 In pour inside open window
                        GR63 In pour insid…

                        Motor shell aluminum
                        Motor shell alumin…

                        LED aluminum radiator
                        LED aluminum radia…

                        ● About Us

                        1.jpg Xinyuan aluminum co.,ltd,one subsidiary of jiangsu bigle group,founded in 1995,a Taiwan–China joint venture company,located in jiangyin city, jiangsu province。There are more than three hundred employees,thirty five professional technical and managing talent。The main product is aluminum alloy profile named “xinyuan” to be using in industry , real estate and decoration.
                        We had the advanced producing equipments in the world,with the first-class technology, designing the new system,producing the windows and doors professionally,and best service。The total producing capacity will achieve thirty thousand tons.
                        We were the first producing gold yellow, pearl black, like champagne color, like stainless Steel color electrophoresis coating aluminum profile,designed the TX878, TX888, TX1088 series national patent windows。We can also offer A80, TX778, TX 818, TX 828, TX90, TX 988 sliding windows,TX708 inside opening windows,XY100-180 glass curtain wall,G80, GR63, G55 insulating windows...

                        Aluminum extrusion
                        Aluminum extru…
                        Reception room
                        Reception room
                        Oxidation coating line
                        Oxidation coat…
                        Sawing machine shop
                        Sawing machine…
                        CONTACT US

                        Jiangyin Xinyuan Alumnium Co.,Ltd.
                        Mob:13003369212 Manager Wang
                        Address:No.200 Of Yungu Rd,Zhutang Town,Jiangyin City,P.R.C
                        Email:[email protected]

                        ● News
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                        ● Links
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